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We import shrimps for raw consumption from all over the world, with focus on the Cold Water Red Shrimp which has been the main item of our company since its establishment. Our company founder, Mr. Matsuda insists on purchasing shrimps by direct negotiations with local producers from Canada, Denmark, Norway, Argentina and Mozambique as well as other countries and is committed to supply not only fresh shrimps but also the latest informations for the products.
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  Our company handles various kinds of shrimps. We will briefly introduce how we deliver the shrimps that have been purchased from overseas. For example, please take a look at this!! What a big Canadian Spot Shrimp!!!   ボタンエビ  
  甘エビ船   Firstly, our staff will go to the fishing ground directly and check the quality of the products carefully. Also, we substantially learn about catching situation from the fishermen. The products of Cold Warer Red Shrimps are packed in boxes and are frozen on board at the sea to keep the best freshness.  
  After the Canadian Spot Shrimp is caught and while it is still alive, it is immediately sorted according to its size, and washed, then packed into a box and frozen.   一次工程  
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  弊社専用工場   Processed shrimps come over to Japan after processing at MAR's associated processing plant.At the secondary processing plant, we process shrimps carefully under the severe and strict quality control standard.  
  Sanitary and environmental controls shall be checked at all times by our resident staff. We are pleased to supply our customers various shrimp products such as secondary processed products or natural products as they are. Thankyou very much for your unchanged warmful support!   二次工程  
  二次工程 二次工程 二次工程  
生産体制 NENU
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Annex 7F
11-24 Tsukiji 2-chome,
Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
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FAX   81 3-3524-0210
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