MAR CO.,LTD. : "MAR" means " sea " in Icelandic.

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Principles: We are proud to serve you with the products within our own consistent business framework. We handle our products from the raw materials and reprocessing the final products to import & export and serving to the customers with our professional posture. Our members, who share the same consciousness, directly does purchasing, producing & selling by our own hand. Nowadays, needless to say, Safety and Reliance as well as the pursuits of delicious taste is expected all around the world more than ever. Continuously seeing where the customer's satisfaction will be in our worldwide market is our vocation. We guarantee our customers the quality that consist of our skillful experiences over the years and our staff's nourished skills. The human power as our quality cannot be done without developing true relationship of mutual trust between each person. This applies not only to the fishing grounds and the processing plants, but also to our consumers. Sharing the same consciousness with everyone involved, we believe, will be the true meaning of "Principles" and "our consistent business framework".
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えび事業の生産体制 かに事業の生産体制
▲Production System of Shrimp
This is where MAR began. Sanitary and environmental controls are checked at all times by the resident staff. Also, we will meet your needs and provide you with fresh shrimps. Paying extra attention to the sweetness and the freshness, we will bring the delicay of shrimps to your table.
  ▲Production System of Crab
It is our company's know-how to buy primary processed crabs suitable for our company's secondary processing purpose by earning understanding and cooperation from each crab processors. Here, we introduce the basic flow of crab production from unloading the crabs until they are brought to you.
くだもの事業の生産体制   さかな事業の生産体制
▲Production System of Banana
We will guide you to the system of production for fruits business, beginning with Favorita Brand Bananas that has a high sugar content and a delightful tinge of sour. All our Favorita Brand bananas are GLOBAL GAP ALLIANCE certified, and only certified fruit is packed and exported to Japan.
▲Production System of Mackerel
We will introduce the system of production for the fishes in general, including mackerel, horse mackerel, and other processed products. Raw materials for the mackerel is directly purchased from seas around Canada, Norway, and Japan. Only fishes that meet the strict product standard is packed. We will also introduce octopus and squid products processed in Vietnum.
▲Processing plant: Measures in Shandong, China
MAR's associated fish processing plant is said to be one of the most modern plant in Shandong China. Our staffs have resided at this plant since the starting of the processing, to establish a long time mutual relationship with this plant, to develop new sea food products which the market demands and also to develop import and export markets in China. This plant has not only HACCP, but also export licenses to EU and UK. Actually, we could proudly say, this plant is ready to supply seafood products with safety and reliance to the Global market at all times.
詳細地図はコチラです   No. 29 Kowa Building
Annex 7F
11-24 Tsukiji 2-chome,
Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
電話番号   81 3-3524-0211
FAX   81 3-3524-0210
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