MAR's associated fish processing plant is said to be one of the most modern plant in Shandong China. Our staffs have resided at this plant since the starting of the processing, to establish a long time mutual relationship with this plant, to develop new sea food products which the market demands and also to develop import and export markets in China. This plant has not only HACCP, but also export licenses to EU and UK. Actually, we could proudly say, this plant is ready to supply seafood products with safety and reliance to the Global market at all times.
▲Appearance of MAR's associated plant in Shandong, China ▲Quality control and sanitary inspection room.
▲Each seafood products are processed in different rooms. ▲Pictures of HACCP and export license to EU and UK.
▲As you can see, our product quality is managed thoroughly by making final checks carefully using hands. ▲Packaging is operated in rather cool and bright room to check out foreign matters by sensual eye inspection.
▲MAR's secondary processing plant employees share the same strict quality policy and work always to the best of their ability in good tension. ▲Sanitary management is one of the most important practices in the seafood processing.
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