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We buy crabs directly from Canadian and Alaskan crab processors whom we have had a good relationship of mutual trust for more than 10 years with. We send experienced staffs who have engaged in crab processing for more than 20 years, to every plant for purchasing crabs.
Crab, which is a natural resource, has different suitable season by the year, varying size, color, and meat recovery. Under such circumstances, it is our company's know-how to buy primary processed crab suitable for our company's secondary processing purpose by earning understanding and cooperation from each local crab processor.
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  Snow crab and King crab used for secondary processing inhabit in the cold sea in Alaska and Canada.   一次工程  
  一次工程   Local crab processing plants are usually located adjacent to landing ports. There, live crabs are unloaded from the ship hold, preserved with ice in the cool dark holding room and processed while crabs are still fresh.  
  Our staff is posted at each local plant to negotiate locally the necessary matters and cooperate with plant staffs to process good quality products.   一次工程  
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  二次工程   At first, raw crabs are washed, have their shells removed, gilled, packed in cages, boiled, and then frozen. This processing schedule is a little different by the plant, but the important factor is that fresh crabs shall be boiled, cooled and frozen in a short amount of time. Usually it takes about an hour from shell removing to freezing.
  正階段 茹でた後 凍結後  
  ずわいがに姿   This swift one hour process is the key to preserving good taste.Boiling process as well as the time and the temperature of freezing is very important. Our staffs cooperate with the plant staffs to check up this important process. Products pictured on the left can be processed at the local plant and directly imported to Japan.  
  Our staff is posted at each local plant to negotiate locally necessary matters and cooperate with plant staffs to process good quality products.   二次工程  
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  輸出許可証   Our secondary processing plants acquire a large number of export license which is admitted in many locations around the world.  
  We persist in severe quality management. Packaging room is operated in rather cool and bright condition. Moreover, our secondary processing plant workers share the same severe quality policy and always works to the best of their ability in good tension.   三次工程  
  三次工程   The finished products are offered through various routes to your table every day.  
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