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甘海老IQF  唐揚げ用
Product Red Shrimp IQF(Fried shrimp use)
Brand Mersey Seafood, and etc
Origin Canada, Greenland, and etc
Fishing season All year
Package 4.5kg×1
Size 160/200
Comment Also good as deep fried foods and tempura!
Product Red Shrimp
Brand Mersey Seafood, and etc
Origin Canada, Greenland, and etc
Fishing season All year
Package 1kg×12
Size L(85pcs/kg), LM(95pcs/kg),
Comment 1.Very suitable for sashimi.
2.Just take off the head, and decorate on top of vinegared rice. Very suitable as sushi topping.
Product Boiled Shrimp
Brand Mersey Seafoods, and etc
Origin Canada, Greenland, and etc
Fishing season All year
Package 5kg×1
Size 90/120
Comment 1.Cocktail: Just defrost, take the shell off, and eat! Goes very well with alcohol drinks.
2.Salad: Take the shell off, and mix with avocado and mayonnaise.
Product Russian Red Shrimp
Origin Russia
Fishing season All year
Package 1kg×12
Size 4L(40-45pcs/kg), 3L(45-50pcs/kg),
2L(50-55pcs/kg), LA(55-65pcs/kg),
L(65-75pcs/kg), M(80-100pcs/kg)
Comment 1.Sushi: Very suitable for sushi topping. Try splendid topping of 2 pieces!
2.Sashimi: Fresh colored Russian shrimps decorate the assorted sashimi plate.
Product Argentina Red Shrimp
Origin Argentina
Fishing season All year
Package 2kg×6
Size L1(10-20pcs/kg), L2(20-30pcs/kg),
L3(30-40pcs/kg), L4(40-60pcs/kg),
Comment 1.Baked dish: Cut open the back and just grill with salt!
2.Deep fry: Just fry with garlic and olive oil!
3.Salad: Take out the back side vein of the shrimp. Cut the meat to pieces and mix with avocado and mayonnaise.
Product Spot Prawn
Brand 「MATSU」= Pine tree, and others.
Origin Canada
Fishing season May - June
Package 1kg×12
Size SJ(10-14pcs/kg), J(15-19pcs/kg),
XL(20-24pcs/kg), L(25-33pcs/kg),
Comment 1.Sashimi: The most attractive point of the spot prawn is the beautiful looks, soft texture, and the flavored sweetness.
2.Sushi: Spot shrimp sushi is one of the highest luxury. Please enjoy!
Product Scampi
Brand 「MIWAKU」
Origin Netherland
Fishing season September - February
Package 1kg(NET800g)×12
Size 8/12, 13/16, 17/20, 21/30 (pcs/Pack)
Comment 1.Pasta: Can be used in cream sause pasta or carbonara pasta.
2.Bouillabaisse: Vivid color makes the dish stand out. Also, scampi's good taste makes the soup far delicious.
甘海老  尾付剥き
Product Peeled Red Shrimp
Origin Canada, Greenland, and etc
Fishing season All year
Package 20p×2
※Each pack 20pcs, 30pcs, 50pcs
Size M(7.0-7.4cm), LM(7.5-7.9cm),
L(8.0-8.4cm), 2L(8.5-8.9cm) 
Comment 1.Sushi topping: Easy to use as this product is made just for sushi use.
2.Sashimi: Just lay out on the sashimi plate.
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