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We purchase mackerel as raw material to produce our fillets directly from fish packers in Canada, Norway, and Japan. Needless to say, we choose only good fresh mackerel at its best season. Vietnamese finished products of squid and octopus are processed at adjacent plant from the unloading harbor using locally caught fresh and high quality materials. Using only fresh materials (not frozen), we can keep natural taste in the finished products for our customers.
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  Raw materials are from seas around Canada, Norway, and Japan. We buy only the freshest fish at its best season.    
    The important thing is to keep the processing plant clean and neat all the time.  
  To preserve the freshness, mackerels are quickly and precisely sliced into 3 pieces by skillful experts. Each piece of fillets is then processed carefully into the finished products.    
    Only the mackerel fillets that fulfills our severe and strict quality standard are packed. "Speedy but careful", we believe that accomplishment of such contradicting requirement within the process will lead us to supply delicious sea foods with topmost safety.
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  Fresh high quality products of squid and octopus are processed at our associated plant near the fishing harbor in Vietnam.    
    Ms. Anh: MAR's resident employee in Vietnam  
  Plant employees at Vietnam are mainly young women. They are faithful and diligent.
▼Pictures of the processed products
Left picture: Octopus Slice, Grilled Octopus Slice
Middle picture: Seaweed Salad
Right picture: Squid Slice
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Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
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FAX   81 3-3524-0210
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